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PRAG BOSIMI Synthetics Limited

Prag Bosimi Synthetics Limited (PBSL) is the largest Joint Sector Company and only industrial venture of public – private initiative in the entire North East India promoted by the Government of Assam through Assam Industrial Development Corporation Limited (AIDC) and Mr. H. B. Vyas Group. AnyrorAnyror .It is the first major project that has come up in the North East outside Public Sector since Independence.


Infinite connectivity

Your fingers take time to engage in full contact with a touchscreen. In some cases, even 30 seconds or more after placing a dry finger on the glass.

Device compatibility

Next-generation touchscreens are already being designed to use ultrasonic vibrations that give the illusion that smooth glass has texture.

Efficient workflow

Whatever your plan is, our product makes it simple to combine, interact, rearrange and customize the pages and all the elements as you desire.

Fast reporting

The keratin in the outer layer of our skin is inflexible when dry. This means that when you first push a finger against the screen of a smartphone.


We are continuously building on our futuristic reputation

Quality Assurance

We have been using a wide - range management system for continuous testing of our high quality range of products. We make our clients sure for our best quality products that should confirm international quality standards. PBSL is the company to whom you can trust for the best and reliable products. We believe in maintaining long term relationship with our valuable customers.

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